SHAN HUR(11th)

  • 2023.08.30

The pagoda on the ball (공든탑), 50.5×50.5×140cm, stone pagoda, colored bronze, 2020

The pillar on the lion statue #02, 24×13×142cm, wooden pillar, colored bronze, lion statue, 2020

Pillar #25, 25×25×162, Mixed media, 2020

The parcel box to me (나에게 보내는 택배박스), 16×11cm, colored bronze, 2020



2010 M.F.A. Slade School of Fine Art 2008-2010, London, UK

2007 B.F.A Sculpture, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea 


2021 Kim Se Choong Young Sculptor Prize

2018 Young Eun Art Museum Residency

2016 Kumho Art Studio, Seoul, Korea
2013 'Royal British Society of Sculptors Bursary Award', London, UK


2020 ‘The Pagoda on the ball’, Youngeun Museum of Art, Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
2018 'Singularities of Everyday', Gana Art Hannam, Seoul, Korea

2017 ‘7 pillars’, Gana Art Park, Yangjoo, Korea
2015 ‘The Wall’, ILJU&SEONHWA GALLERY, Seoul, Korea

     ‘The door in the wall’ , Gazelli art house, London, UK

2021 ‘I'm Okay too’ Gwangju Museum of Art., Gwangju, Korea
     ‘Black so sensed’, BMOCA Museum,
Gyeonggi, Korea

'40th Seoul Sculpture Society', Kimsechoong Museum, Seoul, Korea

'58th Nakwoo', Geumbosung Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2020 'Tuak', Zaha Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
     'A Stroll Along', Gana Art Nine-Won, Seoul, Korea
     '58th Nakwoo', Geumbosung Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2019 '2219: Future Imagined' ArtScience Museum, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore
     'Reflections', Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea
     '40th Seoul Sculpture Society', University of Seoul, Red Brick Gallery, Seoul, Korea
     '4482', Cello Art, Seoul, Korea
     '57th Nakwoo', Geumbosung Art Center, Seoul, Korea    
,Matter’, SA+, Hong Kong, China
     'Physical Possibility of Aesthetic Daily Life', Sue-Ae-Nyo 339, Seoul, Korea
     'Awakening with Science of Preservation of Cultural Properties', Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation   
     Lobby Gallery, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
2018 ‘House Warming’, Yeonhui-dong living house, Seoul, Korea

 ‘Smaller than a face...’, Art Space Plasque, Seoul, Korea

2017 ‘An Eyeful of Wry’, Brynmor Jones Library gallery, University of Hull, Hull, UK

‘In Every Language We Know’, Kumhomuseum, Seoul, Korea

  ‘A new tradition’, Gazelli art house, Baku, Azerbaijan

‘Nakwoo Society’, Insa art center, Seoul, Korea
2016 ‘Evolved Museum: the former Belgian Consulate’, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea



2020 ArtBookStore Project in National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea

/ Supported by National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Foundation, Korea.

2015 ‘Sculpture in the city’, City of London, London, UK
     ‘Tor Auf!’, Cooperation project by Institute for Peace and Unification Studies, Berlin, Germany

2018-2021 Lecturer, Seoul National University


Young Eun Art Museum

British Government Art Collection(GAC)