Youngeun Artist in Residency

Residency Period and Type of Support

Residency period, selection and support type

Long-term artists

2 years (solo exhibition / Art critics matching workshop / Opportunity to participate in joint exhibitions)

Short-term artists

3 to 6 months (selection of domestic and overseas artists, artists residing overseas – solo exhibition)

YAMP(Youngeun Artist Management Program)

Mid-career or elder artists residing in Korea and abroad/ solo exhibition

YAFP(Youngeun Artist Family Program)

Re-granting opportunities to artists who desperately need creation support among the past artists-in-residence

Selection Criteria

A total of 1 to 3 rounds, 1st – documents / 2nd – 3 external judges, 1 internal judge PT, 3rd – final interview

  • Field of Recruitment

    All fields of visual arts

  • Support

    Work space support (1 studio / 1 lodging)

  • Program

    Youngeun Residency Exhibition / Residency Artist’s Individual Relay Exhibition / Academic Event / Workshop / Open studio / Education-linked programs / Various internal and external exchange projects

Studio size and resident artists

Youngeun Art Museum The Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art’s Art studios are equipped with 7 painting studios, 5 sculpture studios, 5 complex studios, and a research building (accommodation) for individual person.